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Naelofar Hijab

Dubbed as Celebrity Hijab, Naelofar Hijab is known to be the most sought after hijab in Malaysia. Founded by actress Noor Neelofa, Naelofar Hijab is known to play with Swarovski to glam their look.

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The original hijab for travelers, Ryanees focuses on knitted hijab named on cities that the founder, Rinee Amelia, has been to. Ryanees has been featured in various local drama and fashion magazine. With new design coming every other month, Ryanees is bound to satisfy any hijab fashionista.

Hia Story


Hia Story is premium headscarves brand from the US.
Their motto is “covering up can be fun”. Whether you are looking to cover up for religious reasons, or you are going through hair-loss or even just to vary your looks, Hia Story is there for you. Hia Story focuses on ready to wear fuss free head cover ,from turban to hijab, that suits everybody’s needs.

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ALHUMAIRA CONTEMPORARY (ALHUMAIRA) opened in 2010, has been at the forefront of the Malaysian online Muslimah fashion industry since its first blogshop. ALHUMAIRA’s vision is to deliver high fashion ready-to-wear hijabs and apparels to consumers at an affordable price.

For their bestselling product, SHAWL, Alhumaira selects only the best fabrics from around the world to create fashion items which are second to none in production quality and combine international taste with local flair.